Our Mission:
Empower Women
Educate on health and fitness
Deliver comfort whilst training
Provide everyday feel-good luxury


Where did it start? Background

The story of Ray Active Wear all started from a trip to Australia where the founder of the brand, Georgia Ray, was exposed to the movement of the Australian healthy lifestyle and how they integrated this into their everyday routines.

After spending some time in Australia and keen to bring these ideas to the UK Ray, who is originally from the Surrey, attended the Interfilière trade show in France with her designer Andrea. Here they chose fabrics, networked and gained insider knowledge on the design side of this industry. Shortly after they met again in Barcelona where the designs where drawn, the first toiles where created and the Ray Active Wear brand began taking shape.


 The Brand

Ray Active Wear (RAW) is a luxury women’s active wear brand that delivers high quality ready-to-wear collections worldwide.

Part of the RAW mantra is about empowering women, not only allowing them to feel comfortable whilst working out, but also to introduce women to more ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their everyday routines. Education on this topic is important to the brand and it’s employees, and moving forward one of its goals is to combine this ideal into its everyday strategy and culture.

Fitness, it’s not just a word it’s a lifestyle. The new RAW campaign #YoullNeverRegretIt is about reminding women of that feeling of accomplishment after a workout, giving more reason to make time during the day for health and fitness. The tagline derives from the brand’s Creative Director and her constant reminder and personal slogan that ‘You never regret going to the gym, but you always regret not going’.

 This brand isn’t just about fitness but also about fashion, with its Australian cultural influences it intends to encourage women to integrate the active wear lifestyle throughout everyday fashion. From the school run to the office, to the gym. We’re all working hard but why not feel good too?


The First Collection

It’s important that all the pieces within this collection have been through specific tests for durability and comfort.

Everything from the material used to the stitch work has been carefully considered, ensuring its design allows a full range of comfortable movement whilst working out.

“We don't want our ladies to feel like their underwear is showing through their leggings as they squat.” – Georgia Ray